Alias of Bouncin' Brothers

Future House | Underground | House | Techno | Minimal


B.B. is our ‘deeper’ / ‘underground’ alias. B.B. is created in Januari 2016. As B.B. we want to be able to produce music in a more ‘underground’ style and experiment with all kinds of new music styles. All the music that we create is between 120 and 140 bpm. Under B.B. we are able to produce and release more underground / non-commercial music.

Bass and variaty are our ‘key-points’ when producing music as B.B. For us it’s important our music stays unique and is always refreshening. When we produce we try to bring the back older styles / genres of music and put it in a ‘new’ track. As B.B. we focus mainly on the ‘Underground’ styled house. Very influenced by producers as “Hi-LO”, “Pep & Rash”, “Lucas & Steve”, and genres as Indie Dance, Drum & Bass, but also music from the 80’s and 90’s.

Influenced and inspired by a lot of ‘underground-house’ producers and dj’s we also try to create our own style. We feel that in the house scene there’s a lot of space left for new things. We hope, as B.B., to create a new kind of style / genre.

B.B.'s latest tracks:


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