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Our story

Jordy Frederik & Sven Aaldijk, known as the “Bouncin’ Brothers”, started their musical journey on April 4, 2014. Based on the many collaborations Jordy and Sven have been making together in the past and filling each other perfectly up in both producing- and dj-ing way, Jordy and Sven decided to continue together as DJ and Producing duo.

“Together we stand stronger”

Making music was how Jordy and Sven got together. From moombahton to hardstyle, the Bouncin’ Brothers have been making it all. The main reason Bouncin’ Brothers have been making all kinds of music is because they’ve always been making what they felt like making. Playing in more and more clubs learned them to understand what the crowd wants, and where the crowd goes wild on. Although they’ve almost made every kind of music, there’s always been one key feature; “The music we make has to be bouncing, the crowd has to react and dance on it, have fun, that is the most important”. Bouncin’ Brothers was born.

On December 6, 2014, their musical journey made a huge turn. From playing for small crowds, small clubs and private parties, the Bouncin’ Brothers all of a sudden had to play for a HUGE crowd at Life in Color in Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They opened the festival in front of 6000+ people and afterwards DJ’s as Brennan Heart, The Partysquad, Ummet Ozcan, Justin Prime and more followed. From this moment Jordy & Sven knew what they wanted to become. They’ve tasted a bit from the ‘big’ events and they know knew that this was what they want to do.

In 2015 the duo decided to fully put the focus on quality. They believed that ‘the rest will come’ and started mainly making music only. From playing at clubs regulary the Bouncin’ Brothers all of a sudden had no bookings at all. A lot of months passed by, nothing really happened untill Jordy & Sven finally realized that ‘making music only’ is also not what they want.

Untill this moment the focus has always been on the clubs; ‘What does the crowd want to hear?’, ‘What works well’? ‘etc..’. 2015, and beginning 2016, the Bouncin’ Brothers have been struggeling with every genre, but never chose to focus on one. After a lot of thinking, disussing Jordy & Sven finally made the following decision:

From June 20, 2016, the DJ-Duo has decided to ‘move forward’ and make a step in a complete different direction. Making all kinds of music has always been THE thing the Bouncin’ Brothers always did, but they’ve decided that from this moment they will focus on one style / genre. “We’ve had a lot of fun and gained a lot of experience in the past years, but we want to focus from now on on the thing we’ve always wanted to”. A new chapter in the musical journey of the Bouncin’ Brothers has started.

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